Javascript is the most important and powerful programming language for web development.We can use others programming language but to me javascript is the easiest of them to make any kind of web based project.

I will discuss some basic of javascript -

Truthy vs Falsy values

In JavaScript, if/else statement checks if a value…

React is a JavaScript “library”.Example of react-

const RootElement = (
<h1 style={{color: green}}>Hey reacr,Nice to see you.</h1>
ReactDOM.render(RootElement, document.getElementById('app'))

The ReactDOM.rendermethod and React.createElement method are the core API methods in a React application. …

ES6 stands for ECMAScript 6.ES6 is a significant update to the JavaScript programming language.

Block Bindings

Variable declare is an important factor in javascript. ES6 provides a new way to declare variables, so that you can more easily control the scope of variables.

Var Declarations and Hoisting

Variables declaration will apposite if the variable is hoisted…

Javascript is lightweigh and the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web.

Arrays in javascript are just regular objects which can hold multiple value at a time.

const arrayOfColor=[“red”,“blue”,“orange”,“black”,“yellow”];

Today i will discuss about some of instance methods of array in javascript:

To merge/add two or more than…

Apurbo Kumar Paul

Web developer(reactJS)

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